Varnaby Backup Agent 1.0 Details


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Publisher Description

Window 10 CompatibleThe varnaby online backup agent will connect to any FTPS or SSH file server and automatically backup your precious data. As a new piece of software with vyer little complexion, we are waiting to hear back from the community on what they would like to see in future, download now to start backing up your data. Supports unlimited PCs/servers, file types, transfer speeds. 100% free. Here is what you can do: Integrate with cloud storage using our API, for added security and simplicity. Have up to 2 schedules run on any of the 7 days of each week. Browse your files that are backed up. Request additional features with our development team. Obtain budget and cost effective cloud storage direct from our website. The client itself is free and will work with almost all FTPS/SSH servers, this is a stable release and we are waiting to hear your feedback.

Download and use it now: Varnaby Backup Agent

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